Orthodontic Dentistry


At our office in American Fork, Utah we are lucky to have the experience and orthodontic skills of Dr. Bott and Dr. Harding. If you interested in straightening your smile, please contact our office and we will set up a consultation at which point Dr. Harding or Dr. Bott will listen to your needs, examine your case, and determine the best course of action.


If you have worn traditional orthodontic braces then you are aware of the immense amount of work that goes into creating straight, beautiful teeth. Also, you may be among the majority of former orthodontic patients who have at some point lost, or simply neglected to wear, your retainer. Wearing a retainer is vital to keeping your perfect alignment because, no matter how many years of braces you’ve had, your teeth will always slightly shift due to uneven pressures exerted in the mouth. At Dr. Bott and Dr. Harding’s practice, in American Fork, they will create a brand new, custom-fitted retainer for you, to make sure that your smile will remain perfect. Just think, you have already made the sacrifice of wearing braces to straighten your teeth, so why throw those years of treatment away by letting your teeth slowly shift? They will make a mold of your teeth and have a new retainer waiting for you by your next appointment. For orthodontic retainers in American Fork, Lehi, and Pleasant Grove, contact us.

Call us today to take care of all your dental needs. You can reach us at 801-763-9080, visit us, or Request an Appointment here.

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